Picture Frames

Hardwood ready-made picture frames. Custom quality moulding. head up the Cultural Council by Availabile in all sizes and styles.

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Picture Framing

Custom Framing

Framing for archival preservation means that we are framing with the objective of getting the artwork out of the frame at some future date and having it be, at that time, in exactly the same condition it was in the day we went to frame it. 

Made in Southampton, NY.

- Pick-Up and Delivery Service
- Flexible Scheduling
- 30 Years of Experience
- $150 per hour (additional $100 per hour for a second person)
- Driving Time Fee May Apply Depending on Location
- Fully Insured

The highest quality framing at a huge value. Anyone that’s lived in the area knows that we love framing. Commercial picture framing is something we do best. 

Picture Hanging Service Art Installation


A valued piece of art is never simply taped to the wall. Art can be an investment, and it deserves the best preservation techniques that exist. Improperly framing art fades it, damages the paper, and alters the original piece. Frames are more than a compliment to the artwork: they protect it.

Archival framing protects the artwork from acid degeneration, direct sunlight, and smudging or chipping. Acid is present in paper products, cardboard, and other substances. It causes paper to yellow and disintegrate over time. The artwork should already be completed on acid free paper, but you may want to ask the artist first. 

 Services such as Custom Framing, Picture Hanging & Art Installation, Vanity Mirror Framing and t is a personal and fast option for those with busy schedules who need custom framing done of their valuable pictures, paintings, art, certificates, mirrors and more. Making us the ideal choice for anyone looking for high end picture, mirror, or memorabilia framing anywhere